Forschungsgemeinschaft Landschaftsbau und Wasserwirtschaft Aktiengesellschaft (plc of Landscaping and Water research), short FLW AG is a merger of middle class companies from different lines of business.
The FLW AG wants to solve questions concerning water purification practically. The main focuses are infiltration installation, soil filter and the development of filter media for infiltration installation sometimes in combination with Vegetation Engineering.

Offers of the FLW AG:

•  Development and Production of high-quality and efficient Filter Substrate
For a soil filter a lot of filter material / substrate is needed. We try to produce our filter substrate HygoRet© with natural resources from the region to keep the prices as low as possible. The substrate is produced according to the requirements.
Also for various infiltration installations, we will compose modified, high-performance substrates.

•  Wastewater Treatment and Vegetation Engineering
The damage of infiltration installations are caused by erosion, siltation, droughts and nutrient-deficiency. Reasons for this are based on wrong construction. The FLW is a competent partner for these building concerns.

•  Mobile Lysimetercontainer
The operation of a mobile lysimeter system makes it possible to make systematic studies which are going to tell you about in- and outlet rates, the suitable filter substrates and about the proper use of the filter system which you are eventually going to purchase. If you want to get to know more click on the heading technology.

•  Research and Development
In the field of research you find the development /modification of filter substrates for special systems, revision of application techniques, coordination and channeling. Further development of industrial products and services in the field of rainwater management and wastewater technology are are also a big component of our work.

•  Counseling, After-care and Evaluation
We would be glad to help the building owners, the planer and the building companies from the begining of the planning to the completion of the installations with practical help and advice. This also includes help during individual phases of planning and constructing and also the identification of possible savings in the construction costs by using different but appropriate construction measures, economic approach and the usage of future orientated technology and building materials. We would be happy to attend the after-care of your filter. Analyzing and evaluating them also belongs to our services.

A lot of questions can be answered on the following internet pages. We would be happy about a personal conversation with you. Just call or write an E-mail.



Landschaftsbau u. Wasserwirtschaft AG
Rhenusplatz 2
59439 Holzwickede


Fon +49 (0) 2301. 91 85 20
Fax +49 (0) 2301. 91 85 22

If you want to contact us, please use the contact details given above or write a message to info
We will get in contact with you.
Thank you for your interest.

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